Church Strategic Planning

Who Are We As a Church Body? What Has God Called Us to Accomplish...Is There Vision? Where Is God Working in Us as a Congregation? How Do We Effectively Join Him in the Pursuit of Vision?

Many times, in our continuing service, we find that our experience and expertise can be better utilized by going beyond the thoughts of simply constructing a building. The Church is based in its People, not its Ministries or Buildings, and to be most effective in pursuing the Mission of reaching the lost and developing disciples a Church must identify God’s Vision and define how that is manifest within their specific congregation...this is Strategic Planning. Resources are always limited within any congregation, and the challenge is to create an effective and efficient plan that meets the current and projected ministry needs of the Church as they strive towards a realization of God’s Vision. God blesses each and every church with many resources, and he has placed His people as the stewards of these resources. The Strategic Plan is the ultimate example of stewardship to God’s Plan. He has created the foundation for the development of His church, and it is up to His people to respond in obedience by working to insure that this carefully formulated vision is carried through. Strategic Planning is the first step which will define Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, Demographics, Strengths, Weaknesses, Goals, & Critical Success Factors. Additionally, this step would have formulated recommendations or "strategies" to empower and further the pursuit of God's Vision for your church through its Foundational, Spiritual, and Physical Performance Areas.

Why Turn To Us for Strategic Planning...
This Visioning effort is critical to the future success of any Church, and resources should not be directed to ministries or especially building programs without having clarity and unity of the goals, and how those support God’s Vision for the Church. We utilize our extensive experience with over 600 different church staff and lay-leader teams to work with your leadership in the evaluation of your Church in its Foundational, Spiritual, and Physical Performance Areas...building on the blessings, and forming recommendations to address and improve the shortcomings. “Foundational” deals with Church Identity, Leadership, & Operations; “Spiritual” addresses Transformation, Sanctification, Gifting, Discipleship, & Deployment of people; and “Physical” brings the “tools of ministry” into the mix as it works in the areas of Building/Site, Finances, Communication, and Assimilation. Researching, Understanding, and Unifying through these areas allow us to develop a Strategic Plan that your Church can move forward with in the most effective and efficient manner.

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