Building Science


"Building Science" is a leadership role we serve that is centered in the process of manifesting a Vision or plan into a physical reality by providing professional management & development services for building and expansion projects. Through our specialized approach to the "Science" of Development, we provide service to the Owner in the most professional and best-qualified manner by optimizing the special talents, abilities, and strengths of various professionals in an effort to provide the greatest “value” to the unique challenge of each Project; based around specific consideration of your goals, needs & wants, available resources, and scheduling requirements. We serve as a “design-based” group of experts focused on your Vision, partnering with your leadership to provide a wide variety of support services that allow your focus to remain on your core responsibilities, while resting in the assurance and understanding that your Project is secure in the hands of our committed and experienced professionals. We become accountable for the direction of all phases of your Project, from planning through occupancy, which ultimately helps ensure that everyone’s expectations are met; recreating the Master-Builder concept of delivery through top quality services from capable, confident, professionals who have extensive experience and are dedicated solely to serving and furthering the your interests and Vision.

Why Turn to Us to Manage Your Project?
When you consider a firm to meet your Development needs, please think about these things that make us best suited to serve you:

  • We have committed ourselves and our organization to an effort to provide a more Complete Development Experience for our clients, using the knowledge, experience, and commitment that is necessary for success from a “design-base” management leadership in lieu of the typical construction side.

  • We have demonstrated an enthusiasm to Communicate and Cooperate with our clients, designers, consultants, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and governing officials/agencies as each performs their responsibilities for the Project…establishing effective Team Formation.

  • We have Management Systems and Personnel in place for the planning, organization, monitoring, and reporting of projects of comparable scope as yours, many which have special requirements in terms of scheduling, use, financial control, and other needs.

  • We have Depth of Personnel within our organization, with service to over 650 projects, which provides strength and specialized expertise throughout the development of your project.

  • We have Knowledge and Experience in true “value engineering” and competency in the evaluation of building systems, construction techniques, and materials as required for meeting the design, budget, and scheduling criteria of your project.

  • We have created Performance-Based Relationships with qualified and competitive professionals, designers, fund-raisers, contractors, vendors, suppliers, and service organizations who share in our commitment to value in terms of quality, cost, and time.

  • We understand the various ins and outs of any development effort, as We Know What You Don’t; and we assist in all phases, inclusive of Facility Move-In/Start-Up and Operations.

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