Welcome to the Architectural Division of Foxhollow Goodson. Our extensive background in serving individuals, organizations, churches, and developers throughout the planning, programming, and architectural process; as well as our dedication to understanding Vision, provides our clients with capabilities and experience beyond what other professionals can offer.

Why Turn To Us. . .
Each client has a unique physical need in consideration of desired aesthetic impact, need for space, use of available resources, and many other factors. Our firm is dedicated to partnering with people through relationship to strategically plan the necessary steps to facilitate success and growth by defining needs, goals, desires or wants, and financial concerns. . .determining the best way to transition from the present to the future in the most logical process. We strive to meet your needs through a clear understanding of vision, valuable experience in working interactively with leadership, understanding and success in projecting congregational growth and meeting program needs, and our creative abilities in designing facilities to inspire growth and development. Our basic challenge is to provide the strategy to achieve the objectives and implement them in their entirety.

What Services Do We Offer. . .
Through this specialized division we provide Master Planning, Programming, and Architecture to effectively promote the design and development of effective facilities and grounds. We work with our clients to develop a relationship of understanding, build on a unified effort of serving to focus on, and achieve the Vision for the individual congregation or business, and the community it serves.

Master Planning represents the backbone of every development effort as the Vision, Strategic Planning, and Physical Performance Component come together to define two key areas: who you are called to be and how you are to accomplish that task. Where will we be in 10 years, or even 20 years from now? Many times, in our continuing service, we are asked to help plan for not only the present, but also the future. Land and facilities are typically the most limited resources within any organization, and the challenge is to create an effective and efficient plan that meets the current and projected needs as you strive towards a realization of Vision. It is a tremendous challenge of evaluating the past, projecting the future, and planning the best use of available resources that we address in this process.

Programming is a continuing part of the planning effort focused towards specific projection and design information. Through appropriate projections, space allocations, financial plans and project timelines the client can function effectively through all phases of development. This effort translates goals, needs, and directives into concrete terms that planners and design professionals must have in order to develop plans, specifications, and the key ingredients that are necessary to translate the Vision of the client into a “bricks and mortar” Reality.

Architectural Design is the historical effort that allows the planning and programming to become a physical reality and tool for the client’s service. By developing the specific details of the design and preparing the appropriate construction documents, accompanied by providing the necessary contractor selection assistance and construction observation services, we can assure the Owner achieves what they expect, desire and plan. The hallmark of our firm is the ability to transform visions into reality with skill and artistry – aesthetically pleasing buildings that reflect your distinctive image, with excellent functionality to cultivate growth and success.

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