Current Focus
of Interiors

Pediatric Choice - Lenoir City Practice
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Beyond serving as the "Designers" for this amazing development, our Interiors Team will be providing several of the fixtures and furniture for this new and "African-Modern" pediatric practice in Lenoir City...including millwork, cabinetry, countertops, tables, chairs, and other miscellaneous items to completely finish out the interior space. These items, combined with the incredible interior finish design, will result in a one-of-a-kind facility that will make kids want to go to the Doctor.

Pediatric DeskPediatric_backofhouse

Kingdom Design Ministries
(Visit Their Website)
Our Interiors Team continues to serve in a partnership with this very special non-profit organization based out of Maryville, Tennessee. The Vision of an Interior Design colleague and mother of two, this "dream" was developed out of a deep desire to use the creative gifts given by God, both physical and spiritual, to further His kingdom. Their Mission is to create “dream rooms” for children who have experienced devastation in their young lives; with a goal that through these room makeovers, they are restoring hope in families and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Check out their site, and be a part of this commitment to join God in His Work!


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