Our Firm. . .

. . . Our Mission
We distinguish ourselves from other firms that have mission statements. We have a Mission. Simply stated. . .

“We Serve to Help Fulfill Your Vision”

Whether personal, professional, or organizational; our mandate is guiding individuals and facility leadership toward success in the development of their physical environment. We provide the highest level of professional planning, design, and procurement services to move your Vision to Reality – a completed facility, fully supportive of your needs and desires, and economically responsive.

. . . Our Background
Established as a Professional Limited Liability Company in 1996, Foxhollow Goodson is a collaboration of two of the Southeast Region's most successful "Church-Serving" organizations. The first being Goodson and Associates Architects, the premier church architectural firm in the Southeast having worked with over 400 different church congregations from 1971 to 1996, serving only one client, the Church; and the second being The Foxhollow Company, which had successfully served many churches with strategic planning and financial consultation for over fifteen years prior to becoming part of the current organization. Since our origin, we have dedicated our talents and capabilities to Architectural and Strategic Planning that not only meets the specific functional needs of our clients but also support the growth and aesthetic quality of the community around them. Through the use of modern materials, cost effective planning, and with our specialized knowledge of the unique requirements of individual project types; we are able to design facilities that not only meet space needs, but express the owner’s goals to the general community in the most positive manner. The firm is licensed in twelve states within the Southeastern region of the United States, and is fully NCARB Registered to allow reciprocal registration throughout the United States. Additionally our firm is a member of the Green Building Council, and is fully supportive of the LEED initiatives.

. . . Our Philosophy of Service
We have learned that the only fact of life, be it business or personal, is "expectation". It is our belief that the only way to make a difference is by meeting the expectations of our clients, employees, and community in a “relational” atmosphere. It is important to get to know our clients by developing personal relationships. If we know what is important to them, how they work and function, we can make intelligent decisions in terms of quality, time, and cost. The client has a forum to express and define their goals, with the assurance that the team will make well-informed decisions and work at a higher level of professionalism and accountability in achieving these targets; the employees experience the best environment for learning to serve others, understanding the business of professional service, and cultivating a sense of ownership in their efforts; and the communities are enhanced as these tools for ministry are created. We are extremely sensitive to our client’s goals, program, and budget. Small things make a difference. . .making employees part of the team, listening to and serving our clients, providing the best use of our client’s resources, and ultimately meeting our client's expectations.

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